Visual for project of Russian parliament center

Project Description

For a design competition for a new Parliamentary center of the Russian Federation, in the district Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, team ReaBits was created the visualization of the parliamentary complex.

In the framework of cooperation with OJSC “Mosproject” and workshop # 3 (under the leadership of R. G. Kananin), we have prepared a model landshift, created a model of the main building, carried out all work associated with video, etc.

This project was important to us and very interesting. All the work needed to be done in a very short time. Perhaps, it was the most effective stimulus. We were able very quickly and to study in detail the workshop provided diagrams of the building and the surrounding area, audio, the details of the dome, many other materials. Further work was very dynamic, thanks to the constant contact with the authors of the project managed to find a good solution for a number of tasks.

In the end we managed just over two weeks to perform the whole complex of works to complete the project at the appropriate level. To form an opinion on the draft of the New Parliamentary center of the Russian Federation (OJSC “Mosproject” workshop No. 3, under the leadership of R. G. Kananin) you have presented here looking at a static visualization and viewing the video presentation.

Client: OJSC Mosproject
Dated: 02-11-2015

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