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The advertising and augmented reality

Consumer Society, which was formed in the late twentieth century, has both advantages and disadvantages. Its advantage consists in providing a great number of new jobs (at least before production robotics), rich, thriving economy and a huge variety of different products and services. On the other hand, it is a large number of unnecessary goods, additional financial loading on the middle and lower classes of society and, among other things, the active development of advertising technologies, including their most aggressive forms.

The story of Henry Kuttner, one of the classics of the American school of fantastic fiction, tells us about difficulties the society may face in the further development of advertising. In his work “Year Day” (1953) describes the world in which advertising has the incredible pressure on people. Using new technologies advertising content is projected in the streets, on the premises, even in private hoses. Thus, “… pushing, driving, the hypnotic whirl of colors, superadvertising planned by the best psychologists on earth, twisting everybody’s arm to squeeze out of them their last cent because there wasn’t enough dough to go around any more”. The stream does not weaken for a second, and the only way to protect you from this pressure is the expensive advertising blocker.

In 1953 the Kuttner’s world looked too grotesque and obviously sick – how can such inexcusable invasion of privacy exist? Why was such practice not legally prohibited? And is it possible to live normally under such pressure? But today we see nearly the same thing on the Internet. You can experience it every time you try to find a cross on the screen popped up in the middle of an advertising banner. And what if you look forward a little? Today, many companies are working on the widespread introduction of the augmented reality goggles. It is a remarkable technology that should be very helpful, both at work and in everyday life. It provides great opportunities for placement of advertising content virtually everywhere!

The recently released video clip of Keiichi Matsuda, «HIPER-REALITY» allows you to see how the world might look like, in which a person will be continuously connected to the augmented reality.

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Holoportation by Microsoft

Has everybody seen “StarWars”? We remember the communicators that have been shown in the film, blue, twitching from the holographic interference of interlocutors’ models. Microsoft Holographic teleportation is different because of best quality, there is not only blue among colors and, finally, it is a reality, not a movie!

How does it work out?
The technology of the far-distant galaxy could not suddenly appear in our world. However, it never came. Microsoft created a working model of the transmission the volumetric image of the interlocutor at a distance. At this point, the widespread of this technology using is extremely problematic.
To operate the system, every other person should be placed in a room with special cameras. Cameras scan a person in real time, making his model which is covered by textures and projected “on the other end”. But unlike the famous space saga, where the interlocutor model was projected as a hologram, you can see your vis-à-vis through augmented reality glasses.
In the future, Microsoft offers HoloLens to be used for these purposes. When this device will be modified and accessible for the average consumer, this may dramatically change our understanding of the possibilities of virtual communication.

Using Areas.
If in the near future it is possible to make a “holoportation” (as it is called by the developers) of higher quality, and most importantly affordable to purchase and use, it will be a significant impact on many areas of activity:

  • Education – a virtual presence in the classroom will be helpful both for students and teachers;
  • Business – the negotiation process between partners can greatly simplified, there will be less need to organize a trip for a personal meeting;
  • The entertainment industry – if you want to see a concert “Aerosmith” close to your place, but do not want to push in the fan zone, it can be arranged without any problems;
  • Personal communication and much more.

Butterfly Effect.
Besides the obvious advantages, the introduction of this technology can cause the appearance of additional software. For example, a simple application that allows you to apply new textures to your body model, so that you will be able to stand in front of your companion, even in the form of candlestick from the “Beauty and the Beast” cartoon. Gaming opportunities will be greatly expanded and so on. It seems that we are on the verge of changes that have occurred with video conferencing prevalence: people could communicate over the phone before, but the opportunity to see your interlocutor has significantly influenced on our communication.

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Olympic units in Sochi

The 2014 Sochi Olympics is a worldwide event. Various designers and architects got the task to present unique and interesting projects. The specialists have presented their projects in the most realistic and accurate way, with 3D visualization. One of the Olympic park general plan variations had been developed and presented in 3D visualization, by RF Architects Union, headed by Oleg Kharchenko.

The 2014 Winter Olympics` units

There are 10 main units, which had been in the center of attention in winter 2014. All of them where made with 3D visualization:

  • Mountain cluster has lodged the complex where ski races, marathons, biathlon competitions had been conducted. At the same time, this cluster has lodged Olympic village with 1100 dwellers;
  • Mountain ski center to lodge about 18,000 spectators;
  • Sledge bobsleigh track equipped with all engineering communications had been lodged at the same mountain cluster;
  • Freestyle center and snowboard park for 29,000 spectators;
  • Ski jumps of various construction and configuration;
  • The near-bank zone has lodged small ice arena with assembly construction;
  • Ice sport palace for the conducting of competitions on short-track and figure skating;
  • Figure skating center;
  • Field for curling competitions;
  • Central stadium lodging up to 40 000 spectators.

Video – Sochi Olympics` buildings and structures
The video presentation materials, of 2011 International Forum, devoted to this Olympic Games. It`s really captivating film with impressive effects and 3D visualization.

This video has won the first place, for the best animation, graphics and special effects» at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards ceremony. The ceremony took place in Cannes in 2012.

3D visualization of big ice-arena
Lots of talented architects and visualizers worked over Olympic units exterior and interior. The visualization of big ice arena, which differs by the presence of roof specific lighting with glowing with all colors, is especially realistic and original.

The designers of Olympic units and constructions have paid attention to interior as well. The inside of one of the main units of Sochi 2014 – big ice palace contained a lot of lighting, shining metal and glass, highlighting the design.

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Mars Base Best Projects

How will the houses on Mars look like? The participants of the unique 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge Design Competition offered their vision. NASA held this contest under specific rules: architectural concepts had to be creative, functional and user-friendly. Geografical position was also taken into account. NASA underlined that participants should take advantage of the unique capabilities of 3-D printing technologies. Three winning teams received a total award of 40,000$ in the first stage of the contest. 165 teams contended for the prize, 30 highest-scoring were judged at the Market Fair on Sept. 27.


Space Exploration Architecture and Clouds Architecture Office teams were awarded fist place and 25,000$ for their Mars Ice House design, wich is slightly reminiscent of an Escimo igloo. The authors of Ice House believe that water resousces are of primary importance for the planet colonization. That’s why water, frozen by Red Planet’s low temperatures, allows to create mulilayer ice dwelling, providing shelter from wether and radiation.
3-D printer will print ice layers, which will instantly freeze in the cold Martian atmosphere. PTFE membrane will prevent house from vaporising (PTFE has to be produced on Earth). Fiber optics and aerogel are also required.

Second and Third places

Second place and 15,000$ was awarded to team Gamma. Gamma offered to create the buliding’s basis from inflatable pneumatic frame. The frame modules have to be fixed on Martian ground by microwave radiation. Such a building has to be constructed by robots. Team Gamma’s house looks like an octopus, naturally complementing local harsh landscape.
Team LavaHive received third place. Their concept is extremly practical: they propose to use infatable modules and used up space ship parts. These elements are supposed to become “rooms”, connected by regolith passages. This desing is definetly not a breathtaker, but still very functional.
NASA has been working on man-rated Mars expedition for a long time. NASA scientists believe it is possible to launch such an expedition by 2030.

Image from NASA

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NVIDIA Iray: light matters

The NVIDIA` new Iray technology allows developers to avoid the mistakes when designing glass constructions. A physically correct rendering enables a user to create photorealistic images, accurately taking into account the sunlight and material interaction.

Why is it so important?
Here is a perfect example of London skyscraper, unofficially titled – Walkie-Talkie (got its title for non-standard cranked form, resembling the walkie-talkie). It`s the 37-storeyed glass building. The buildings` cranked surface made the skyscraper to accumulate some intolerable concentration of sunrays, reflecting them as multiplying glass. This resulted at fusing someones` Jaguar parked near-by and goods damage at the near-by stores.
NVIDIA analyzed the situation with skyscraper and came to the conclusion that, if the building had some bigger crank the tragedy would be much bigger. In such case the building could melt even lead! The NVIDIA experts are sure that the developers didn’t do it on purpose; they just had no proper instruments, to calculate the building interaction with the environment. Now it`s possible, by using the Iray technology.
This technology can be used in various activities:

  • Design;
  • Architecture;
  • Engineering;
  • Advertising and marketing.

The single process
Eearlier on, the modeling of reflected light required much time and customer got the models with selected view angles and specific lighting conditions now it`s possible to do interactive modeling with changeable sphere, taking into account weather conditions and the time of day. This resulted at the creation of 3D images comparable to photos, by their quality, and a significant decrease of working time, required for final scenes creation.
Working with Iray technology requires no deep knowledge. NVIDIA has included Iray support to a range of popular applications, used for 3D-content creation. The mode uses modern approximation algorithm, minimizing barriers and attaining maximum realism. Iray automatically distributes rendering load on several processors, including the ones at remote cluster.

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Visualization principles

The constant flow of information and a rapid development of various technologies have caused the appearance of 3D visualization, as a separate sphere of activity. The visualization is a real art. One can compare the visualization professionals to the masters, creating hyper realistic images.

Visualization – 3 main principles

The goal of visualization lies at the creation of realistic object, based on the existing material (photos, drawings etc.). There are 3 rules helping to solve this complex task:

  • The efficient way to create model analogous photo lies at optimum camera settings, for exposition. The visualization principle is based on human anatomic traits. The sharpness adjustment level will help to get the required accuracy. At the same time, it will help to distract attention from problematic zones and make visual fraud: the eye will perceive 3D space, not the 2D one;
  • The real units and things are far from being perfect. Any surface has drawbacks and uneven spots. This is an important nuance one has to pay attention to. Small details and elements create realistic atmosphere and old textures look alive;
  • The visualization has advantages, when using softly deemed light. The most important matter is a correct disposal of light sources having paid attention to shadows location.

The transparent surfaces visualization peculiarities

The water surface, glass and other transparent surfaces realistic visualization is an efficient way to create impressionable 3D object. Most existing algorhythms are overcomplicated and require the usage of specific equipment and devices.
Some years ago the principles of water visualization had been based on the idea, stating that water surface is flat. Relief structures created non-quality illusion. Such way is useful for the visualization of small lakes.

Modern visualizers often use the relief tops animation, when creating big basins, thin tissues and glass. If it goes about water, a great attention should be paid to lighting and reflection of other units in exposition.

Each well-developed unit will help to create idealistic visualization. Remember that chaos and accurate surrounding selection makes the unit to be realistic.

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The rapid development of innovational technologies and the necessity to search new territories for living have caused the appearance of new projects and the models of unusual “cities of future”.


No limits to architects` fantasy

The talented and worldwide known architect from Belgium – Vincent Calebo – who got its popularity due to some courage and bold projects made by his studio, and him personally. These projects are designed to solve some contemporary problems of modern humanity:

  • The “Dragon- fly” concept is a skyscraper of 132 floors, used as a vertical farm. The architect supposes that the building can independently provide itself with the energy, using the power of wind and sun;
  • In 2010 Caleb` studio offered new city construction concept “The live coral reef” – after horrible earthquake on the island of Haiti. The project was presented as 3D model of sustainable village, made of prefabricated modules.


City on the water

Every year the humanity problems become more severe: natural resources diminish, population grow, etc. The experts from all countries invent various options of these tasks resolution. Vincent Calebo has offered unique and original project of the city, which might be built on the water.
According to the architect idea Aequorea is a city in the Atlantic Ocean near the banks of the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro. The main material for city creation will be the composite, made of processed plastic and algae.
The construction process itself is made with the help of 3D printer. The living construction resembles jellyfish.

The city of future Aequorea has its own particular traits:

  • Each residential construction has five hundred meters in diameter;
  • City itself can lodge in its buildings about 20,000 persons;
  • The cost of one square meter makes approximately 2500 euro, for today.

The project might help to solve the problem of food provision, by means of farms hybrids, placed under water, on the complex surface.

Images from

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