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VR: the influence on the real world in terms of safety

At the beginning of our series, we have already touched upon the problem of cyber-security, the potential threat against the real world from the virtual one. In movies and literature, the stories about hackers who can easily hack into any database, military, and corporate systems are popular. But are they really dangerous in fact?

Charles Miller, one of the most famous cyber-security experts, worked at the National Security Agency (NSA). He was the author of the report, “How to create the cyber army and attack the United States” presented in NATO Cyber Security Center. In fact, it was a possible scenario in which it would be possible to successfully paralyze all network components of the state’s economy, to get a virtually unlimited access to information and to create huge losses to the enemy.

In this scheme, it was planned to establish 9 working groups with their own, clearly set goals: experts on vulnerabilities (search for safety system defects and software vulnerabilities of the enemy); exploit developers (creating programs that use vulnerabilities to provide access to the system); collectors of bots (infection of third-party computer for future use); support of botnets (support of communication with the third-party infected computer); agents (a group of people coming to work in the key institutions that get an access to the internal network of the enemy); operators (internal system penetration using agents); developers (creation of infected computers remote control means ); testers (testing of efficiency and reliability of equipment and software); administrative and technical staff.

There is no need to go into technical details. The Miller’s plan provides a long, about 2 years training, after which the attack is made. The attack results are:

  • Malfunctioning of the of civil and military services management systems;
  • Complete blackout or power supply failure;
  • Chaos in the systems of control of air and rail transport;
  • Cellular communication is disabled or running with considerable interruptions;
  • The Internet does not work;
  • Faulty transmission of financial data (bank transfers, electronic payments, and so on.);
  • The country is paralyzed.

To attack:

  • The European Union you need 750 people, and $ 112 million;
  • The United States, you need 592 people and $ 98 million;
  • The Russian Federation, you need 517 people and $ 86 million.