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MARVEL visual effects

2016 is rich for spectacular motion pictures. Very soon the big screen will be filled with new films about super-heroes, “The First Avenger: Civil War” and “X-Men: Apocalypse” have already received a very high praise from film critics. Published trailers showed a very high level of filming and special effects, fans are impatiently counting the days before the premiere. However, not everyone knows how the studios (MARVEL for example) create a high-quality picture and visual effects.

Below on the example of “Deadpool”, “The First Avenger: Civil War” (WARNING, SPOILERS!) and “Star Wars” we would like to show you how to create special effects.

At present it is used several key technologies of combined shooting in the film industry:

  • Chroma key;
  • CGI;
  • Repeat moves of the camera.

Decoration, on the background of which individual scenes of the film are removed, plays an important role in the film industry. For the original series «Star Trek» a lot of interior space ships was built or small areas on other planets. With the advent of the digital age, instead of scenery generating chroma key compositing has been widely used as a monochromatic backdrop for filming. With the help of digital image processing within already finished exhibition, you can create practically any background to the filmed scene.
Repeat frame motion method is used for complex scenes shooting by “one shot”. To do this, it is shot the background by using the same sequence of movements of the camera, then a group of objects (secondary objects, for example), and then the main objects that play a major role in the frame. Thereafter, via digital processing, footage combined in one layer. Thus, it can alleviate the multilevel scenes shooting with a large number of objects. In case of an error in the frame it is need to reshoot not the whole scene, but only a separate group of objects.

Computer-generated imagery technology allows superimposing static and dynamic images created by computer visualization specialists. To create the Colossus, one of the minor characters in «Deadpool» film, make-up would not be enough. Actor André Trikote was forced to put on a special suit that allows recording the body movements. Then, on the filmed material, the figure of the actor was superposed by the character image, with full preservation of all movements.