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Holoportation by Microsoft

Has everybody seen “StarWars”? We remember the communicators that have been shown in the film, blue, twitching from the holographic interference of interlocutors’ models. Microsoft Holographic teleportation is different because of best quality, there is not only blue among colors and, finally, it is a reality, not a movie!

How does it work out?
The technology of the far-distant galaxy could not suddenly appear in our world. However, it never came. Microsoft created a working model of the transmission the volumetric image of the interlocutor at a distance. At this point, the widespread of this technology using is extremely problematic.
To operate the system, every other person should be placed in a room with special cameras. Cameras scan a person in real time, making his model which is covered by textures and projected “on the other end”. But unlike the famous space saga, where the interlocutor model was projected as a hologram, you can see your vis-à-vis through augmented reality glasses.
In the future, Microsoft offers HoloLens to be used for these purposes. When this device will be modified and accessible for the average consumer, this may dramatically change our understanding of the possibilities of virtual communication.

Using Areas.
If in the near future it is possible to make a “holoportation” (as it is called by the developers) of higher quality, and most importantly affordable to purchase and use, it will be a significant impact on many areas of activity:

  • Education – a virtual presence in the classroom will be helpful both for students and teachers;
  • Business – the negotiation process between partners can greatly simplified, there will be less need to organize a trip for a personal meeting;
  • The entertainment industry – if you want to see a concert “Aerosmith” close to your place, but do not want to push in the fan zone, it can be arranged without any problems;
  • Personal communication and much more.

Butterfly Effect.
Besides the obvious advantages, the introduction of this technology can cause the appearance of additional software. For example, a simple application that allows you to apply new textures to your body model, so that you will be able to stand in front of your companion, even in the form of candlestick from the “Beauty and the Beast” cartoon. Gaming opportunities will be greatly expanded and so on. It seems that we are on the verge of changes that have occurred with video conferencing prevalence: people could communicate over the phone before, but the opportunity to see your interlocutor has significantly influenced on our communication.