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Olympic units in Sochi

The 2014 Sochi Olympics is a worldwide event. Various designers and architects got the task to present unique and interesting projects. The specialists have presented their projects in the most realistic and accurate way, with 3D visualization. One of the Olympic park general plan variations had been developed and presented in 3D visualization, by RF Architects Union, headed by Oleg Kharchenko.

The 2014 Winter Olympics` units

There are 10 main units, which had been in the center of attention in winter 2014. All of them where made with 3D visualization:

  • Mountain cluster has lodged the complex where ski races, marathons, biathlon competitions had been conducted. At the same time, this cluster has lodged Olympic village with 1100 dwellers;
  • Mountain ski center to lodge about 18,000 spectators;
  • Sledge bobsleigh track equipped with all engineering communications had been lodged at the same mountain cluster;
  • Freestyle center and snowboard park for 29,000 spectators;
  • Ski jumps of various construction and configuration;
  • The near-bank zone has lodged small ice arena with assembly construction;
  • Ice sport palace for the conducting of competitions on short-track and figure skating;
  • Figure skating center;
  • Field for curling competitions;
  • Central stadium lodging up to 40 000 spectators.

Video – Sochi Olympics` buildings and structures
The video presentation materials, of 2011 International Forum, devoted to this Olympic Games. It`s really captivating film with impressive effects and 3D visualization.

This video has won the first place, for the best animation, graphics and special effects» at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards ceremony. The ceremony took place in Cannes in 2012.

3D visualization of big ice-arena
Lots of talented architects and visualizers worked over Olympic units exterior and interior. The visualization of big ice arena, which differs by the presence of roof specific lighting with glowing with all colors, is especially realistic and original.

The designers of Olympic units and constructions have paid attention to interior as well. The inside of one of the main units of Sochi 2014 – big ice palace contained a lot of lighting, shining metal and glass, highlighting the design.