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Oculus Crescent Bay: what has changed?

The presentation of third helmet prototype, the pre-release helmet version Rift – titled as Crescent Bay (DK3) – has made acoustics to be the main ascent. The developers have fully managed to cope with this task as the value of audio flow in virtual reality had been underestimated till recent times.

Important changes

It has been proved that presence effect depends directly both view and sound. 3D-sound has been developed based on RealSpace3D technology, which has been created by Maryland University specialists. The result is impressive and now there is a possibility to make rather accurate definition of sound direction and distance to its source. Crescent Bay is equipped with integrated detachable headphones, which can be replaced for your own ones, if you want to. At first, such designers’ idea has caused many discussions among the customers and experts. Though having tried new Oculus, parties concluded that it is not worth paying attention to rather queer construction.
In general, the helmet got much easier than its predecessors not it looks more like glasses with more elegant design. Here we see the advantages. Another important difference lies at another optics improvement: the device uses two separate displays for the first time. In previous version, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the display had been divided into two sections with high resolution. Independent displays grow resolution capacity and image quality. The image update frequency is higher than the one of DK2. The device has grain effect on image.
Another important trait is the option of head movement track for 360 degrees. It became possible due to infrared lights located from 4 sides of the device. Developers admitted that such effect was rather difficult to attain.


Some critics

Disadvantages found by DK3 users. There are not much of them:

  • There are the cases of deep basses lacking;
  • When moving the head the surrounding units tremble distorting the image reality;
  • At the same time, the headphones design is far from perfect.

The main issue lies at PC capacity. The Oculus founders closely collaborate with Unity and Unreal Engine 4 developers, allowing users to hope for soonest options improvement. Besides this, the Crescent Bay goes well ahead of its competitors as it can be used in applied activity spheres.

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