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VR in games: Quantic Dream studio experience

David Cage – the head of games development studio Quantic Dream the scriptwriter and director of such projects as “Fahrenheit” (2005) and “Heavy Rain” (2010). This role is rather unusual for game developer as such phrase is more common for film titers or playbill.
In general, these two games are the complete interactive films where the right of choice is given to spectator, defining the character actions. The genre of these two works can be seen as drama and psychological thriller, sowing the elements of mystery, if not to go deep into details.
Several characters tell the story. Each of them plays key part in the story and the actions of each might change the story further development. The characters interact to each other with the help of joystick and gyroscope. It allows the character’s and gamer’s interaction options’ enlargement. The gamer should simulate on joystick the actions performed by the character. For example, in order to close the window in “Fahrenheit” game, you need to move joystick up and down and even horizontally, in order to make simple action, – brush one’s teeth – in “Heavy rain”.
It goes about too unimportant details, at first sight. But the moment when the gamer makes the same things as his virtual character he`s interacting with the virtual world not by a mouse click but by making the same efforts for the performance of simple and not very simple operations – the person comes to a totally new level of association with its virtual prototype.
At the same time, it is worth remembering that is goes more about interactive film than a video game. While the story goes, the gamer runs into difficult choice or extreme situation. The scriptwriters, artists, sound creators skillfully manipulate the gamer, by causing excitement or joy, fear, anxiety or even panics. It is very hard to perceive such works as video game only. It is more like the birth of totally new type of entertainment, allowing direct interaction with the story. The most important things are that it goes about one of virtual reality stages development and the modes of plunging into it.