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Oculus DK2: features and functionality

The Oculus founders announced that they need 10 years to get ideal plunging into virtual reality. What can customers get now, then?
118,000 Oculus DK2 helmets had been sold in October 2015. Common users who had been dreaming to touch virtual reality have been surprised purchasing of prototype, created for the developers. While, the device price is hardly to be called cheap – $350. At the same time, Oculus has no official representative in Russia, making the price higher.

Is there any sense to purchase DK2 now?

Device functionality

The model functionality is more advantageous, in comparison to the first prototype. Firstly, the helmet is easier to use. The main difference lies at display: the first version had the resolution of just 640×800 pixels for each eye, while DK2 has the resolution of 960×1080 pixels. Device has Samsung Super AMOLED matrix. Another positive moment is a decrease of time of delay between head movement and image changes around 2-3 milliseconds and no delay at refresh mode of 60 hertz. An important matter is an absence of side effects, such as vomiting and nausea, which arose when using the device of older version.
Device potential and options for users:

  • Allmost full illusion of real presence in virtual reality;
  • Gaming with no mouse and keyboard;
  • Immense option in the sphere of device professional usage;
  • Support of the most popular games in future;
  • Software – free access.

Oculus and its competitors

Sony Project Morpheus is the Oculus direct competitor despite the fact that the devices are designed for different user categories. Initially, the Morpheus had been developed for original game console, while Palmer Lucky has announced, at once, that Oculus will not support game consoles and is designed for PC usage only. Both devices have excellent technical characteristics. While DK2 has bigger view angle (100 degrees horizontally and vertically in comparison to the 90 ones of Morpheus) and lenses, for users with sight problems. Sony glasses are more comfortable and convenient.

Generally, the main problem related to DK2 usage is a PC power, so the helmet owners will have to spend big money, to upgrade their PC. If the problem will be solved, in future versions, Oculus might be used both for games and for interactive education.